Failure to Include PVP With Release of Wildlands

Hey guys,

I wanted to do two things.. 1.) What are your thoughts on not including PVP with launch? 2.) My thoughts on not including.

I don't understand how Ubisoft can take a misstep like this. They have a clear opportunity to bring back a great multiplayer franchise to current gen consoles/PC and they are going to be MISSING one of the biggest KEY components of the game?!? I don't understand who was standing in the board room and agreed to this.. That's like saying, lets release a Rainbow Six, but just have coop missions…. Rainbow Six is gold because of the awesome and strategical multiplayer. Same goes for Ghost Recon.. Let's look at it like this.. Imagine the player base they could have developed by promoting and having PVP in the beta just to draw in the new age of players that haven't gotten to experience a great Ghost Recon pub match.

The online aspect of Ghost Recon is vital for the success of this game. I'm a huge Ghost Recon fan and I might not buy this if there is no PVP. Why? Because that's what I enjoy playing. Period. No one is going to talk me into playing campaigns and all that. It's not that I don't enjoy a good story. It's more that, with limited time after spending a day at work, I want to get on and socialize a bit with my buddies and play competitively… not against a computer. This is clearly my personal opinion and I'm not a campaign hater, I just choose to not spend my time on campaigns.

As much as I don't want to say this, because I've been waiting on this game for just as long as you all, I fear that this is going to go down as a Division type game. They had a great opportunity and have spent ages developing this game, and Ubisoft is going to release it without a key aspect. A VERY important key aspect. I suggest they get it added and get it added quickly, or they will lose a lot of old time Ghost Recon fans.


A VERY disappointed Tom Clancy fan.

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