Faceit SMITE – Review of Current State

Faceit’s advertises itself to be a ‘platform for competitive play’, with advertisements such as “take your game to the next level” to suggest this. Naturally, with tag lines such as these Faceit aims to be the go to place for competitive matches, something which at the moment, ranked -seems- to fail to do. When it came to SMITE I was excited. EU PC lacks any non-significant tournaments for competitive play, with the current range being EGL, and Trekza (if you can count that.) EU Xbox isn’t any better, with no way to play competitively outside of Hirez tournaments.

Launch of Faceit

Faceit had a rocky start. It brought promises to be more competitive than ranked, but even a few days after release it was ignored more than Siege is now. Why did this occur? Simple, too many issues. A good video about it’s issues at launch have been presented by DukeSloth, so I’ll link that at the bottom if you’d like more detail.

Current Status of Faceit

Faceit’s place in SMITE has only decreased more and more to irrelevancy. Conquest, the only promoted competitive mode in SMITE, was removed from the system. This almost seems ironic, given the fact Faceit is hosting the next challenger cup (now called Combine.) That leaves the only remaining gamemode, Arena, as the only tournament you can play on Faceit. This, along with the fact queues were reduced down to Duo queue only, leads to a non-existent competitive experience, and overall just a distasteful experience. At this point it’s not competitive, it’s an inferior ranked arena.

As mentioned, I was excited for the original launch, even AFTER the countless bugs. But they have done nothing but frustrate me since the beginning, not even attempting to make up for what they’ve failed at. Instead, they remove the main mode of the game for reasons I don’t understand.

This also leads to the advertising. In the Xbox scene, Faceit is unadvertised. They had legitimately exciting tournaments, such as ones for physical headsets, that never got any publicity. We see Faceit advertising big streamers, like Barra (no offense to him here), that fail to promote the platform or it’s tournaments. Their advertising is terrible, along with the tournaments they do provide.

This also brings me to a personal gripe with Faceit, failed promises. Remember that headset I mentioned earlier? I won one of those. 4 months ago, that is, and it still has yet to arrive. If you win one of these tournaments, you can try to speak with support. But alas, they give you excuses upon excuses, till the point where they ignore you and shove you along. Even better, they advertised these false promises for a long time, still to never be given out.

On a more recent note, there is also the whole disarray that is the Combine. While there’s not much to say outside of pointing out what happened, the entire tournament had to be ‘reset’, as the brackets were messed up, halfway into the tournament. Noticing a problem like this in quite an important tournament so late (2-3 hours in), is a joke, realistically.

In it’s current state, Faceit is in a limbo of no players, no tournaments, no prizes. They don’t advertise well enough to gather players, they don’t provide enough tournaments to entice players, and they fail to even give out the prizes to the players. That, is the problem with Faceit. It is not invested in SMITE, and it’s a shame.

In conclusion what Faceit needs (clearly) is improvement. How to do this is simple. First, and most importantly, do proper tournaments. It’s not hard, it’s the main reason why anyone would look at Faceit. I certainly don’t look for sites for Arena tournaments, nor does the average player. I’d also like to see what happens with the CS:GO FPL get implemented into SMITE. This type of league gives a lot of exposure, and gives people the Pro Scene a new way to compete with prizing to reward them for using the platform.

With all said and done, I don’t have much else to add to the topic. I just hope to see Faceit improve as it brings out the Combine.

Note: All points made are with EU experience. The worldwide version of Faceit -seems- to be similar, if not identical to the EU version. NA -could- be different.


CS:GO FPL: https://play.faceit.com/faceit-launch-in-house-league-with-pro-players/

DukeSloth’s review of Faceit on launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4QKaAZi2-c

SMITE Combine Issues:

The Headset issues:

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