Exploiters streaming highlights from last night

We have a chinese clan on official 209 that built underground and is using every exploit in the book to ruin the game. I found one of their streams, the guy has 10 vitality, new character, and spends his entire time exploiting into bases and dry looting, then hopping back to their underground base.

This was streamed last night……

~~Jump exploit:~~

There is a jump exploit related to the lunging moves, they're using a macro program to send multiple lunge commands into a corner and flying sky high, it's hard to reproduce, it takes the one guy 30 mins of trying but when it works you get:

Flying onto base by lunging into a corner

Here are his failed attempts, watch the stamina bar to see it take multiple "gulps" when he lunges:

Jump exploit attempt

~~Loot bag exploit:~~

On the guy's 3rd load back from looting that base he logs in and out 5x to scout for chests on exterior walls and finds one.

He goes to the exterior of the building, clips through the wall to verify he's where the chest is that he saw from logging out, he drops some seeds on the ground to generate a loot bag, then hits the wall with his sword until the chest is destroyed and the loot jumps into his loot bag outside the building and rolls down the hill.

Loot bag exterior wall exploit


Once they arrive back at the base they kill themselves on the wall, spawn inside and then lootall off the corpses outside:

Arriving back at underground base and killing selves

Transfering loot into the underground base

Exiting the underground base

Please funcom, for the love of god, these chinese are targeting US east coast servers, they aren't leveling, their entire gameplay revolves around exploiting and ruining everyone's fun, they've spread with the same underground base on multiple official servers.

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