Expeditions will be overrun with Botting

I am surprised no one has even raised this concern. AO devs implemented instancing for the casual gamer who has 30 minutes of play time. They stated that verbatim.

Botting is in every MMO. It happens. However its pretty easy to spot bots and report them. Expeditions ensure these bots will never be reported by the average player. They will enter the instances over and over and over. You cant kill them. You wont see them. However they will have a giant impact on the player driven economy.

This is why you dont include instancing in sandbox games. The gear is also to good, leather boots, and plate helm especially. They stated the rewards would be dwarfed by open world gear. This is incorrect. Ill take a 12m jump with Invuln frame any day. AOE stun that does 200+ damage? Yea ill have that too.

You can earn about 80% loot and fame from expedition mobs compared to open world mobs. 80% for a place i dont have to fight over bosses for, can run indefinitely, and safe from PvP. Why does the open world map even exist? You dont even have to leave the city in AO anymore.

This is risk adverse as fuck and ruins the entire risk versus reward system in AO.

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