Excited for the next fine tuning of the patch but I also would love special ammo changes.

Not trying to preach at all. I just feel like certain playlists are suffering lately. Two weeks of Trials/Elim has brought me to this opinion:

Sidearms are getting their stackable ammo reserves taken away upon death. Awesome! I'm a huge sidearm player but I think that Bungie made a mistake letting the ammo stack. What I would really love to see is all other special weapons follow suit.

I read on this sub that some people believe its a good idea to keep whatever was in your magazine after death/respawn. I think this would be a great idea and also bring balance to the special weapon slot on par with sidearms. It would still promote leading with primaries and if shotguns are still a concern, I'm sure that they will be used sparingly. Especially after the in air accuracy and damage nerfs.

I feel like the give and take method should apply here. They nerfed hi-rate pulses but gave us low-rate pulse buffs. Gave us year 1 accuracy on HCs but decreased their effective range. Added more effective flinch on all primaries and reduced the effect on pulses. All good things!

With special weapons all they did was take the ammo from you. Yes I know a case could be made for shotgun nerfs and their necessity but I feel as though the call to kill the Matador and its brother spread into something much more problematic. Now you have reliable ammo for a gun that has a fast TTK but can also fill you from way further than a shotgun ever could.

Bungie, please don't nerf sidearms. Don't nerf anything! You've done great things already but snipers and voopers miss their weapons. Please, let us keep the mag.

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