Everything i’d hoped, wanted and will to throw money at a screen for.

Can't speak for anyone else but me and my squad have been having a goddamn blast. Its a nigh perfect blend of casual and tactical gameplay that we actually found ourselves kinda dumbstruck at how well we fell into our roles.

Two of my buddies are very much the get close and dirty types, I like playing sniper and our last team member is about as GTA beserker as you get. He's our exfil specialist and an artist with a chain gun. 🙂

we've had town/village clearances that have gone flawlessly with zero alerts and clockwork precision and other times its gone to hell and only massive explosions dug us out. (mines + reinforcements = boom.)

Things we didn't like? Helicopters. Hard to fly with any sort of casualness. Twitchy like GTA without GTA's ability to actually move forward at speed.

Plus unidad helicopters are a PITA to escape from. At least in the two times we hit level 4 alerts with unidad forces. We haven't really worked out a way of breaking contact except for scattering and letting one guy draw them away (and then dying horribly). We gotta work on that one.

Other problem we had was mission management. Its a bit of a mess. Working with a friend when we're out of phase leaves one of us not sure what missions are available since we dont seem to see each others 'instances'. Division handled this much better.

Also, a couple of times, we had side missions pop up during main missions, seemingly taking priority if a bullet hits them. Fuel Tank Convoy, i'm looking at you motherfucker!

Seriously though its barely been a day and we've already had so many epic moments. This is such a brilliant game, its almost painful to be stuck as work on a saturday morning.

Oh and it looks fucking fabulous on my rig and runs flawlessly (once I switched to borderless fullscreen). Your raindrops however could do with a bit of work; maybe being a bit more subtle.

Regardless, Ubisoft Paris has my axe.

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