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1.1: Warlords and Cowards

  • Hervis Daubeny: “Hervis Daubeny. Blackstone for a single season, and then, he thought to turn away from us, to take from us. That would prove his undoing."
  • Tower: “That fort had been controlled by 10 warlords in 10 years. Daubeny was just the most recent. He joined the Blackstone Legion, and then tried to leave us. That would not stand unpunished.”
  • Holden Cross: “Holden Cross. My second in command, and my most stalwart ally. Holden is a practical man of limited ambition but of endless talent. We are fortunate to have him.”
  • Distant Ruins: “Ashfeld. I was born here, out in the scrublands. 20 years ago, the Iron Legion had been on the verge of losing it to the Vikings entirely. Now, my Blackstone Legion had taken it back.”
  • Repairs: “So much of warfare is about walls, gates, hills, doors. Every day, a battles are won and lost on the choice of battlefield alone.”
  • Wooden Structure: “Almost every fortress in these lands was first built a millennium ago. We lay new construction on top of old and call it our own. We’re children, playing at empire.”
  • Fresco Painting: “The fall of the last sanctuary in Ashfeld. A thousand year have passed since then. Our ancestors held out for six years against a hundred thousand, desperate, starving warriors, or so the story goes."
  • Lion Statues: “The Iron Legion is made up of many smaller legions. The lion was the symbol of the Regal Legion. They were strong, once. Now they have fallen to Blackstone might.”
  • Knight Statue: “The Iron Legion has a habit of mounting Warden statues in front of doors, but they are hypocrites. The oaths of a Warden reach far beyond what any common Legion warrior can live up to.”
  • Overgrown Roots: “When we stop fighting against it, nature will always reassert itself. So it is with stone, so it is with plants, with animals, and so it is with people.

1.2 And Stay Out

  • Burning Cart: “Warriors rarely see the people their wars affect. The displaced, the murdered, the starving. I saw all that when I was younger. I never forgot the lesson.”
  • Distant Fires: “This year’s Viking horde. When Mount Rust erupted, they lost the sun for months. Crops and animals died. They came south, raiding for supplies. They continued to raid Ashfeld yearly.”
  • Eagle: “The Iron Legion traces its root to a much older culture. An ancient empire led by centurions, believed to be lost in the destruction. They weren't lost, I have met them.
  • Battering Ram: “Machines of war. Many of them use plans that we do not fully understand. Techniques handed down through the generations that we have lost the theory for. They work just fine, though.”
  • Crumbled Walls, “The sanctuary of Harrogate. The last remnants of the Iron Legion had held it, until the year that Warden came. After the battle they were too weak to hold it. The Blackstones had to take over. Pity.”

1.3 The Blackstone Legion

  • Skeleton Cage: “ In the West, punishments like the cage have been outlawed. In Ashfeld, however, we were less reluctant about using brutality to make a point.”
  • Lava: “When lava cools, it can form a marvel, a black glass that can be sharper than the sharpest blade. High in the mountains, there is a block of obsidian that has been cut into a round table. It is there that the Blackstone Legion was first formed.”
  • Geyser: “The geyser fields of Ashfeld were the Iron Legion had officially bent the knee to the Blackstones, and the Royals, and so many others. We chose that place for its history. Legends tell us that it was there that the ancient Viking lords had yielded Ashfeld to our people.”
  • Neglected Outpost: “Iron Legionnaires are cattle. They fight when it’s convenient for them, and run away from any challenge. The Blackstone Legion was my solution to that problem.”
  • Viking Camp: “When I took over the Blackstone Legion, the Vikings had permanent settlements in Ashfeld. Now those were all gone, and soon we would take the fight to them.”
  • Angel Statue: “We seven leaders of the Blackstone Legion took demon names. It is both as a warning to others, and a reminder to ourselves. We are strong, and we must be sure of what we choose to do with that strength.”
  • Knight Tomb: “ We all want to be remembered.”
  • Tomb: “Once, there were fifteen of us in the Blackstone circle. Eight times, one of us claimed the title of “warlord.” Seven times, that warlord proved too weak, too noble, or too blind to lead us. I am the eighth. The others rest now in their tombs.”
  • Ruined Church: “The children of Ashfeld claim to all follow the same God, but I have sat in their services, and listened to their hymns. They do not agree on the laws of their master, and most of them do not follow their own ideals.”

1.4 Valkenheim in Winter

  • Totem: “So many of my people fear the decorations of our savage foes, but I have never feared the demons of my enemies. I am their demon.”
  • Ancestral Statue: “The Vikings are ancient, as we are. The difference is they vanished for centuries, we never left. But any who doubt their claim to these lands need only look at the ruins their ancestors built for them.”
  • Abandoned House: “Wherever we go, the peaceful life that is called “civilization” scatters. It is a social agreement that is so easily dissolved, fragile.”
  • Viking Horn: “The Vikings have filled their mountains and valleys with horns and drums and signal fires. We were never going to slip into Valkenheim unnoticed. That is why I chose to enter through the front door.”
  • Big Head: “The Cataclysm was not one event, it was many. Lands rose and fell. The sky rained fire, ash, and worse things. The seas rose and then retreated. It is a miracle that any of us are still here.”
  • Bridge Launcher: “Our technology is what separates us from the Vikings, and with these, we would make the so-called ‘impassable defense’ of the gates of Valkenheim meaningless.”
  • Broken Ballista: “The Vikings have raided every year for as long as I can remember. They sack, loot, burn. My village was destroyed by them, mine and hundreds of others. Now, we would turn the tables.”
  • Apollyon 1: “I am Apollyon. I was a Warden once, now I have become something greater. I am the eighth warlord of the Blackstone Legion, the only one strong enough to survive, and through me, this land will see a new age.”
  • Gates of Valkenheim: “Valkenheim, home of the invaders who call themselves Vikings. It had been forty years ago that Knights last crossed the threshold into that great valley. Whatever happened in there, we would certainly be remembered.”
  • Vikings Statue 1: “The ancient kings of the Vikings were mighty. They sailed across the ocean, and when the seas froze, they were lost to history, and then, they came back.”

1.5 Sabotage

  • Vikings Statue 2: “The Viking tribes all had different customs. These looked to be Warborn offerings, probably for strength in war.”
  • Blackstone Legion Corpses: “Holden should have never sent those scouts ahead. He should have sent me first. Why didn’t I say anything?”
  • Docked Viking Boats: “They docked their boats there, so there was a path to the top. I was sure of it.”
  • Hanging Body: “Soldiers cry and cringe and rage when they see their friends hang. Sometimes, I pretend to share in their grief. Other times, I just wish that I did.”
  • Ancient Breached Drakar: “The volcano in Ashfeld gave Valkenheim two years of frozen rivers. We were there to take advantage of their disaster.”
  • Massive Head Statue: “Like us, most of the Vikings don’t even know their own history. These are their ancestral lands, lost a millennium ago. They returned from across the sea and reclaimed them.”
  • Closed Gate: “There had to be a better way inside than the front door. I had my pride to consider.”
  • Longhouse 1: “Vikings love to feast. Maybe I could find a way to shut them in.”
  • Elevator Machinery: “Their machinery was far beyond what I had expected to find. Since the last time I’d been through, they had uncovered a new source of lore, or perhaps just a very clever engineer.”
  • Central Mechanism: “The machinery was well made, but I had a job to do. Too bad really.”

1.6 Wolves Among Sheep

  • Trilithon: “The ancient name for these structures is ‘trilithon.’ I asked a Viking once what she thought they were for. She didn’t know, she said they’d just always been there.”
  • Ruined Building: “The Vikings have always warred with themselves much more than with us. It is in their nature to feast on each other. That nature has been stolen from them.”
  • Svengard Gate: “Svengard. The Vikings are so very careful to equitably distribute their food supplies. It all passes through Svengard, and in winter, most of it is stored there.”
  • The Sea: “We knew at Svengard that within a day Viking ships would fill the harbor and their army would destroy us, but I intended to be long gone before that could happen.”
  • Battering Ram 2 “We dragged our ram’s machinery across Valkenheim. We had to had to hack down half a forest in a fortnight to build it, but without it, we would’ve come all that way just to be slain at the front gate.”
  • Gate: “We could have broken open that gate with a much smaller ram, but that would have taken time, time that the Vikings would have used to reinforce.”
  • Apollyon 2: “I am Apollyon. I have come to instruct. For too long, the fearful prey among the Vikings have whispered their lies of peace. Now, that era ends.”
  • A Nice House: “The fortress of Svengard was home to many of the wealthiest Viking clans. The merchant trades always produce such people. Now, they would have to fight for their food.”
  • Gudmundr: “The legendary yarl, Gudmundr. In another time, he would’ve been a king, beloved by his people, the fiercest of warriors. Whoever faced him would either become another notch in that belt of his, or become legend.”
  • Burning Silos: “We would leave survivors to tell the tale of what had been lost at Svengard, and when they heard, they would come looking for what was left.” *

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