[EU] EUphoria [WIPE17-03] [H/XP x3] clan-max5 Rules on steamgroup

EUphoria is a new and fresh conan exiles server!


Server name: EUphoria clan-max5 Rules on steamgro
Server IP:


Harvesting rates: x3
Experience rates: x3


And various other tweaks to the settings.


Raid times are set to
18:00 – 23:59 mon-fri
12:00 – 23:59 sat-sun


As it is right now, there is no possible defense, other than to kill the person who summons the avatar. Beeing offline, or away for a small moment while raid time is active should never be this punishing.


Also Avatars destroy everything!
Loot disapears quickly, there is no option to change this.


Therefor Avatars are just bullying machines.



Rules apply when playing on our server!


General rules
1.1 Be respectful and understanding with each other.
1.2 It is forbidden to advertise other communities.
1.3 Insulting and flaming are forbidden. The same for basless assertions! No Mobbing on our Servers.
1.4 No racism or gender specific offenses.
1.5 No pornografic Pictures or Website-postings.


Game rules
2.1 No singular spamming of singular foundations. (This does not mean you can spam double foundations eigther)
2.2 Everything you build has to be raidable. (further details in section 3 "How to build")
2.3 Each Clan can only have 1 Main Base and 1 Farm Outpost. The Farm Outpost should be kept as small as possible, if it exceeds certain limits an admin will take action. (this action will be discussed with the owners first).
2.4 Abandoned bases have to be removed.
2.5 Abandoned bases will be removed.
2.6 Blocking NPC camps is NOT allowed. (admins do not give green light to build, if a camp is blocked the admin is allowed to remove your base without notice.)
2.7 No Building near the Emote or Religion Teachers. If you build near them you have to ensure that every other player can reach them! It is forbidden to kill the Quest / PvE / Teaching NPC's like the Religion Teachers!
2.8 The Starter Area, South River is a PvP free Zone.


How to build
3.1 Your Bases need to be accessable at all times.
3.2 Only T2 with T2 or T3 with T3.
3.3 NO Destruction of Stairs or Placing T3 Doorways after T1 foundations or cellings.
3.4 NO doorways after stairs! Every doorway needs at least one foundation of the same tier before it.
3.5 Every Base needs to be accessable for friend and foe alike at all Times! This means the Entrance needs to be a real entrance and not something which leads to selfdestruction.


Cheaters / Expoiters / (Bug)Abusers
4.1 Cheaters or Exploit User will be punished.


About the rules
5.1 Rules can be changed at any given time.
5.2 Actions taken by admin can only be discussed on this forum in the right section.
5.3 Suggestions about the rules can be given at this forum in the right section.


More information and further updates can be found on our steamgroup.

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