Enhancing religions from a game design perspective

Adding the religions was a great idea that currently holds a lot of unused potential. I came up with a way that I think makes more sense, especially from a "purist" perspective.

Lets make sure everyone is on the same page first: Religions give you access to specific items, which are usually cheap substitutes for an otherwise more expensive/hard to obtain item. > Awesome!

This creates a supply/demand situation which acts as a motivator for players to interact other than killing each other (Trade Ambrosia vs Antidote as an example). Only it doesn't, because everyone can learn all religions, and you can have multiple religions in one Clan. Now, I know that strictly speaking nothing would speak against this in the Conan universe, as people can have polytheistic world views and such pay homage to multiple gods. But the gods are also jealous creatures, so hear me out!


Players had to decide for one religion at player creation, and stick with it. I could live with them being able to convert at teachers I guess, but never follow more than one religion. Also, Clans have to choose one religion that all their followers must follow. An exception would be Crom followers, which are basically "compatible" with everyone. As such, choosing Crom religion would make more sense, e.g. for solo players who wish to team up with other people.

This system would allow for: -Religious conflicts -Supply / Demand based trade/raids -Motivating player interactions -Make the player-controlled game world more inline with lore / RP / immersion

All the required content is already in game, this is more a matter of switching values then anything else, and I think it would greatly enhance the gameplay experience. It would steer the players towards a more believable and enriching playstyle without grossly limiting them in an unpleasurable way. As it stands, religions are more of a scavenger hunt right now, which has them fall back greatly behind their potential.

What do you think?

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