I am very grateful for the players that sacrificed their saves for a total stranger. The ending reminded me that a truth worth seeking is one that requires the sacrifice of not just one individual, but those of others. Ending E is a monument to the best that humanity has to offer.

It also outlined the worst, because to uncover the truth – you had to sacrifice strangers to save yourself. Then came the question of sacrifice – it came my turn to delete my save and pay it forward. My heart said yes, because in the climax of the moment – it felt like the right thing to do.

But I did not sacrifice my save. There was a fleeting moment of guilt of course, I felt like I let complete strangers down. Those that my save could have saved, and those that died to save me. Like all moments though, it simply passed – and I came to be at ease with my decision.

Then I understood. There wasn't a right or wrong decision there. Only decisions and consequences, with the unique human perspective. The entire game was a celebration of irony, because Androids, Machines, and Pods inherited the best and worst of our very human qualities. They do battle with lifeforms that are essentially revealed to be their kinsmen, and fight in a proxy war where their creators no longer exist.

This was the first and only game where I felt sincerely thankful, sincerely guilty, and then to conclude with a sense of bittersweet remorse with my decision – in the space of about two minutes.

So thank you to all of you here who deleted your save for a stranger like me, and orry to those that I didn't help.

I'm only human after all.

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