(Ending Spoilers) So I got to the Ending E…

Holy fuck.

Spoiler below.

I never cried so much from a videogame until Nier:Automata. Not because I was sad, but because… I don't even know. Because I was so happy, the Weight of the World song got way more awesome as the background chorus kicked in with the voices. I struggled fighting those credits, alone. There were just too many bullets, too many enemies, and it seemed impossible. Then a dialogue popped up after another death: Rescue offer received from Jonathan.

What rescue offer? I wondered. Then I started another attempt at the credits – as I was joined by several other shooters. Then the chorus kicked in, many voices accompanying the lone singer, and we fought together against the hordes of credits – however stupid that may sound in text – and I could not stop getting the damn feels.

I had finally beaten the credits sequence – and the ending with the Pods played. There was a little funny banter that made me smile for a bit. Then there it was. The infamous save deletion ending. They told me that person I hate might get my help, I won't get any recognition for this, and that perhaps there is no point in doing this. Even at that point, I was kinda lost on what the game was talking about. At first, I wasn't going to do it – after all, I had put a lot of time into this game already. Then I realized that this was the Rescue offer I had received from Jonathan. That Jonathan had sacrificed his saves to allow me to get to the real ending. With little bit of a regret, I watched my items, weapons, menu deleted, along with the save file. Goddamn, that was emotional.

Well, I'm not sure as to how I'd end this now. It's always said in writing, the hardest part is the conclusion – the ending. I can't really think of a good way to end this other than Thank you. To the Platinum team for making this, Yoko Taro for putting that stupid Bullet hell section in the game, And Jonathan for sharing the weight of the world, and allowing me to do the same for someone else. Now I'm going to get on bed and have a heart attack.

End of Spoilers.

Seriously, no other games I've played so far can top this, at least personally. So far it was Undertale and the Witcher 3, but this game topped both of them in terms of storytelling. I can feel the developers' passion for the game in every corners.

I mean yeah, there are weird, janky parts in the game, and objectively as a "Video Game", there are many better games, but as a story, Nier:Automata may be the best one out there. This is what you'd call a video game art.

Also, S**t Square Enix! You guys have to push this game like you did with FFXV!

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