Ending Plot Questions [Spoilers]

First off this game is amazing! Most fun, intrigue, and immersion I've felt this gen bar none. However there are some things that I don't understand very well.

  1. Who exactly sent out the logic virus? If it was the machines how come they were so suddenly able to affect all the Yorha androids now and not anytime in the centuries that have passed. Is it because of 9s digging around in the deep server? Is it because the machines finally adapted and we're able to break through android firewalls? Or is it the back door thing that a the yorha androids have to protect the secret of humanity? I know the commander in the short story already had a logic virus implanted in 9s as a backup way to deal with him.

  2. How exactly did 2b and later 9s get infected? Didn't 9s delay the sync AND hacked 2b during the onset of the virus. There were no obvious hacks during the escape flight. Later 9s is already infected when he hacked himself and was fine afterwards.

  3. What exactly is 2b and 9s relationship? Yes it's complicated by the whole did 9s know all along that 2b is/has killed him a bunch of times. The number one thing that's resonating the robots seem to value most is companionship and the concept of family. So is there relationship closer to that of brother and sister or that of potential lovers? Or is it 1 sided 9s romantic love and 2b seeing him like a little bro.

4. So all the machines left? Or just the networked ones? Even though Adam cut himself off from the network he's still alive? At the very least it looks like Pascal stayed (future easter egg npc like Emil?)

  1. Why did everyone want to act like humans even if they knew most of human actions were unnecessary and leads to ruin? Hypothesis: they wanted to find purpose/meaning in life that humans seemed to have.

  2. Why did Pascal's village go feral when the they were disconnected to the network?

  3. Regarding Jean-Paul, is he the one that Simone fell in love with? The way she wanted his attention and kept trying to improve herself to be noticed seemed quite familiar with Jean-Paul quest and his suitors. Also what happened to him? Maybe I missed a follow up questions but he just went on a journey and never seen again?

Once again fantastic game and now I'm wondering what could of been with the story and fleshing out the world with a much bigger budget and more time. I would of liked to see an A2 route during routes A/B to develop her more. Routes C and D could of been longer with more side quests and development IMO but that could just be me wanting more Automata to play.

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