Endgame tank build

Hey everyone, figured I’d post my build since I’ve downed everything in the game multiple times (farming The Two Kings is fun!), and it’ll give you a lot of leeway in fights due to the sheer tankiness. It’s nothing particularly difficult to figure out, but hopefully it helps some newer players. Essentially it’s taking advantage of the multiple set bonuses you can get with the Yasakani Magatama charm to mitigate as much damage as possible.

Latest stream with unoptimized gear here SPOILER CONTAINS LAST BOSS FIGHT (go to 15 minutes for start of Queen’s Eyes, 39 minutes for Two Kings)

Two Kings run with optimized gear

Some defensive numbers

Raw damage reduction – 50.4%. I don’t know the math to figure out what Defense adds to that, but it seems to be around another 10-15% at +7ish armor level.

Elemental damage received – 75.6%. This is a combination of one charm, my chest, and the Tatenashi five piece bonus. If you got it on a second charm, it would be close to 92%.

Received damage from attack (critical) – 74.3%. I think this softcaps at some point (so you don’t become invulnerable at critical life), but I haven’t been able to roll it on another armor piece yet to test.

Stat Allocation

Body – Max this after you get 96 Stamina, currently at 88. Will up your life and spear damage.

Heart – I have 15 in this currently, which gives me plenty of Ki. Can take it higher if you want to focus more on katanas.

Stamina – 96. This is required to be at 70% encumbrance with four Tatenashi armor pieces and a Warrior of the West armor piece.

Strength – 17. Needed to equip Tatenashi armor.

Skill – 15. Could be lower if you want, I just kind of threw some points into it. If you’re going with a kusarigama, you can max this instead of Body (though you’ll lose out on life).

Dexterity – Currently at 20 to farm the Ninja mission if I want. Doesn’t need any points if you don’t want to invest, though some of the passive abilities are really nice (paralysis and poison resist).

Magic – Currently at 20 to farm Mage mission. I’ll probably take this up to 30-35 in order to max out the passive bonuses for elemental resistance.

Spirit – Currently at 20. 25 is the max you need to use every Guardian Spirit’s ability, can go lower if you want to stick solely with Kato.


Oni Sakon’s Spear – I like this because I found one with Change to Attack Body (A), but you can use just about any set weapon spear you want here (try to get CTA Body A on it). This will be your main attacking weapon. Provides 2.6% damage reduction from 2pc Japan’s Bravest bonus, and extra 30% Tornado skill damage.

Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu – Needed for Warrior of the West set bonus. If you like katanas, you could use this as your main weapon instead (with a CTA Heart A rating, though it’ll make you less durable if you have to focus Heart before Body).

Warrior of the West Bow – Needed for Warrior of the West bonus. Roll Agility Damage Bonus on either this or Ravenwing Rifle.

Ravenwing Rifle – The only other ranged set weapon, provides 1.6% mitigation from Saika’s Yatagarasu two piece bonus. Roll Agility Damage Bonus on this if you don’t have it on Warrior of the West Bow.


Any four pieces of Tatenashi armor, one piece of Warrior of the West. Combined with the Yasakani Magatama, this will let you get the five piece bonus of Tatenashi (at gear level 150, 31.6% less elemental attack damage received, and 15.6% damage reduction), which is a huge amount of additional mitigation on top of the fact Tatenashi already has high defense values for being heavy armor.

I used Evasion Ki Usage on all five armor pieces (find some Red Demon Armor armor with transferable Evasion Ki Usage at ~15%, they’re not hard to come by), which means I dash and roll for free. If you wanted to put Received Damage From Attack Critical on all of them that would work too,as once your life hits critical levels you’ll take almost no damage whatsoever.


Yasakani Magatama – This is the keystone of the build with its -1 to set requirements, and is what allows you to stack so many set bonus mitigation effects. There are plenty of farming guides to getting it, and it took me 24 runs to get mine. Also found another from killing a random Onyudo, but sadly the effect doesn’t stack. Whatever other stats you get are gravy, though if you find one with Received Elemental Attack Damage or Received Damage from Attack (Critical), that would be pretty sexy.

Omamori Charm – I like these for the flat 4 resists across the board, and I have one that also gives me Ele Damage Received along with Damage Received (Critical), so it’s close to best in slot.

Guardian Spirit

I prefer Kato for the Ki regeneration (27.5% at level 30), but really you can go with whatever you want. I tried Genbu at level 30 for the additional 10% mitigation, but it didn’t really seem like it added that much compared to how much offense I lost, so I’ve been sticking with Kato. If you’re going low life then Saoirse is a solid choice, or you could use Narikama Tanuki to just never die (unless you get one-shotted while just out of critical life range – I haven’t tested that but I think it’s only possible off a Omi-bozu laser or something similar).

Other stuff

Picking up the axe ability Cornered Boar is nice for even more mitigation in critical health.The Kusarigama ability Armor Piercer is nice to one shot revenants (use the spear trip ability, then triangle). Other than that, fill out the spear tree with whatever skills you like using, then grab passive bonuses from everywhere else (+Life, +Ki, ele resists, Amrita gain, etc.)

How to play the build

Go into midstance with your spear. Hit triangle. Win gaem.

How to beat bosses

Go into midstance with your spear. Cast defense down. Cast Carnage. Hit triangle. Win gaem.

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