Elite Barbarians? The real state in the game.

You kids will downvote me, but the Elite Barbarains need a big nerf. But theoretically i can't get downvoted because the downvote button is not a "I don't think so button". So don't use it as one.

Let's begin with the stats:

  • Elite Barbarian
  • 1,013 HP – will surive Fireball + Log
  • 254 Damage and 169 DPS
  • Hit speed 1.5
  • Speed very fast
  • All of these x2

They are tanky as a two Mini P.E.K.K.A.s, deals together massive damage because of their DPS and high damage per hit, can't be stopped with skeletons or gobs like the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

I made an Elite Barbarian deck only because i want to try if they are to strong. And they actually are. My Elite Barbarians are only Lvl 11, i have 4.4k+ trophies and i got 3 straight wins against stronger enemies(with lvl 6 epics and lvl 3 legendaries), throwing the E-Barbs in after my enemy placed something.

Many here said that they are only strong if overleveled, mine aren't overleveled, and they shred my enemies. How could that be possible if they aren't op?

One example: My enemy deployed Collector, i just throw in a Miner, E-Barbs & Icespirit – tower is gone, 1-0 after a few seconds. No other card can do that without beeing stopped easily. He wasn't able to stop me because they will shred normal Barbarians too.

Because of that i must say: they really need a nerf. It's a lot easier to win with them. Everyone here who said my post is wrong and a lie, i believe you all are playing E-Barbs and don't want to lose your easy wins.

They offer to much value for 6 elixir i think. Their Speed and/or hit speed should nerfed, then we would have more time to react.

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