EBarbs Again?

Just an update from level ten ladder matches. Even after the newest EBarb "nerf" a large majority of ladder players at level 10 around 3100-3500 range are using EBarbs. 8 or 9 out of every 10 matches is only players spamming EBarbs.

Stop reading now if opinions offend you, fair warning. I am tired of this, it is just the same spam every match. EBarbs are not a very dynamic card and playing with them and against them is boring. There are no interesting interactions with other cards and after the card has been played it is easy to guess when they will be played again. This I believe has made ladder matches pretty one dimensional. I am not talking about being about to counter them or not, its about the frequency of the same boring play over and over (and over and over and over). I applaud Supercell for the new challenges, cards and other ways of playing. This makes the game something I want to come back to. But when I just wanna play games on ladder, EBarbs still make it boring. I hope Supercell keeps nerfing until the user rates drop off (to nothing would be fine for a while, I need a break).

If you are still reading this post, first thank you, however, if you play EBarbs exclusively in every deck and get scared of trying new cards or new strategies because there is a learning curve. And you don't think you have time for learning new things, because your attention span is very short. And your game plan is to wait for the other person to use some elixer and throw EBarbs at them. If that is you, I have message for you; I despise you, I judge you through the screen when you play them, I immediately think to myself, this person must only have one or two friends that play EBarbs as well, because, if you had more than two friends they would tell you to try something new and stop playing EBarbs. I also judge your self esteem and how low it is and how every time you play the EBarbs card it must get lower because I know and you know that deep down you cringe at yourself when you enter a match and play them. You know that no self respecting person plays that card because normal people like challenges and learning new things and trying other cards. Deep down you cringe and lose a little bit of self-respect that you will never get back. Lastly, I also think about how bad I want to kick you right in the teeth.

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