Easy 700+ Rupee in under 2min30seconds (not clickbait)


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Prerequisites :

You need to have the Gorae Torr Shrine Shrine unlocked already. It’s north of Death Mountain at Gut Check Rock. The mountain surrounded by water in your map.

To get in the shrine you have to do the Gut Check Challenge the Goron there offers you. Pay him 20 rupees to climb up the while collecting 100 rupees. This should be easy. After doing so and unlocking the shrine, you should have unlocked the Super Gut Check Challenge. Pay the Goron 100 rupees and climb up while collecting at least 300. Completing it will reward you an Endura Shroom which temporarily increases stamina, giving you a bit of wiggle room. The Shrooms eventually add up and cooking them in a bunch heals a good amount!

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to swap out your HP to max out your stamina first. You can do this at Hateno Village. From entering the village, make a right on the road, and there should be a small road between the hills on your right. Speak to the sad statue and complete the quest simply by speaking with it again. You can now sell your stamina/hp for 100 Rupees and buy one back of your choice for 120. Essentially costing 20 rupees for the exchange.

I actually have the climbing gear set+2. This is done without it but with max stamina to show you don’t need it. Full climbing gear set at +2 lets you leap using a lot less stamina. Compared to the original route, I skipped a few Blue rupees to save time/stamina. If you can with climbing set, grab them as they will add up. If you want details see original link. The path changes at “From 4th Platform:”

From 4th Platform:

Instead of gliding down and grabbing the White+Red, grab only the white and keep proceding that direction and cling onto wall. Do a few leaps to grab the Yellow Rupee and glide back to the first Platform. Climb all the way back up to the 4th Platform and continue with route. See video and original link for more details on routing.

You might want to save before each run until you’re used to clearing it. You get nothing but losing 100 rupees for failing the minigame.

Time with the Climber set +2 incase anyone is wondering the difference. I could skip the two platforms I had to rest on after the Yellow rupee. 1Min50Sec

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If anyone is interested in the snow bowling I have a setup of my own that isn’t the YT Vid in the other rupee thread. IMO even with a setups; my own or others, I don’t feel it consistant enough. One pixel off and you get spares or maybe even less. It feels slower because it’s not 100% for me. If you guys can get it 100% let me know your set up! Thanks!

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