Easy 400~ Rupees every 2 minutes guide

Edit 2 I’m going to make & upload a video(phone quality sorry) showcasing getting 700+ Rupee in a little over 2 minutes soon and make a new post. I’ll do it without any climbing gear and max stamina. Will link it and make new reddit post since I can’t update title when I’m done.

I’ve been gambling at Lurelin Village (100 rupee for 1/3 chance for 300) and I really hated the RNG. Sometimes it took a lot of reloads before a profit so I found another way which is a lot more consistent. Sorry I have no way to record this so I will do my best explaining it.

Also I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to swap out your HP to max out your stamina for now. You can do this at Hateno Village. From entering the village, make a right on the road, and there should be a small road between the hills on your right. Speak to the sad statue and complete the quest simply by speaking with it again. You can now sell your stamina/hp for 100 Rupees and buy one back of your choice for 120. Essentially costing 20 rupees for the exchange.

You might want to save before each run until you’re used to clearing it. You get nothing but losing 100 rupees for failing the minigame.

Prerequisites :

You need to have the Gorae Torr Shrine Shrine unlocked already. It’s north of Death Mountain at Gut Check Rock. The mountain surrounded by water in your map.

I’ve been doing this with stamina maxed so I jump throughout most of the way climbing up. If you don’t have max stamina, climbing gear should help but will be slower. This guide will be done with mostly leap jumps with max stamina.

To get in the shrine you have to do the Gut Check Challenge the Goron there offers you. Pay him 20 rupees to climb up the while collecting 100 rupees. This should be easy. After doing so and unlocking the shrine, you should have unlocked the Super Gut Challenge. I’m not sure if clearing Death Mountain is required since I have already done so. Pay the Goron 100 rupees and climb up while collecting at least 300. Completing it will reward you an Endura Shroom which temporarily increases stamina, giving you a bit of wiggle room.

(These Directions are based off of when you start the minigame, not the actual compass)


There’s actually an Yellow Rupee on the mountain I never noticed. This can potentially increase the worth of this minigame by far but I have not found a clear easy path yet. I’ve gotten 700~ Rupees (-100 so 600profit) in 2min30sec but with +2 Climbing set. It’s on the left side (from you facing the mountain at start) and it’s very out of the way from everything else. The green rupees there are leading to it. Will update the path when I find it a good one.

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This is how much I got even after falling off the cliff once. Trying to get a better path to share to you all.


Run straight ahead and collecting the Blue Rupee on the boulder. Walk under the Red Rupee and leap up to grab it. Leap NE to grab the blue, and leap NW to grab the next roupee. If you have max stamina you should be able to leap all the way to the first resting spot with another Red.

From 1st platform:

Leap NE to grab the Red and continue leaping NE to the 2nd platform for a Purple. The green is a little out of the way and isn’t worth it.

From 2nd Platform:

You should be able to grab the two Blues and one Red if you have max stamina. If you don’t then give up the red. First leap NE to the blue and continue leaping NE to the Red. From there leap NW to the second Blue. If you couldn’t grab it from only leaping, wiggle a little to grab it. Don’t waste stamina leaping to grab it if it’s close to you as you only have just enough to get to the 3rd platform. Grab the Red while restoring your stamina.

From 3rd Platform:

The Blue above you is a little out of the way so you don’t have to grab it if you’re not comfortable with the route yet. Start off leaping straight up. Two leaps should be enough before you need to adjust going NE to grab the White. Leap NW to grab the Red. DO NOT climb up the cliff as this will finish the mini game. From the red let go and quickly open up your glider and keep flying west around the cliff and you’ll see a 4th platform with a Red you’ve never been on.

From 4th Platform:

You should see a White on your left then another Red to the right, below it. Glide down to grab them and grab back onto the cliff. Ignore the red if you’re still uncomfortable and don’t have enough stamina. Try not to face away from the cliff too much while gliding or it’ll be hard to grab on the cliff. Leap your way back to the 4th platform.

From 4th platform again:

Leap NE to grab the Blue, continue leaping NE to grab a White. Now you can leap straight up to finish the minigame. If you don’t think you don’t have enough stamina at this point to leap, climb up normally before making your last leap.

At the end of the route you should finish with 540~ rupees. Thanks for reading, I will try to edit the format to make it easier to read and sorry I have no way to record it.

I find this better than gambling at Lurelin Village but it’s probably faster if you have good RNG. This is a lot more consistent. I have not tried out the mini game in the snow area for comparison but this alone nets you very quick rupee and it’ll easily make up the cost of swapping your HP for stamina.

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