Ease up on MMORPG elements

I purchased this game because it was advertised as a game where you survive, build, and dominate. However, there are some MMORPG elements in the game that kinda steer away from what was promised. Before I lose you right there, read on and then make your determination on what I'm saying. Anyway, I'm okay with some MMORPG elements, but it should be a secondary focus and it shouldn't be forced upon us. So here's my list of the MMORPG elements I dislike which are in the game.

Starting Area

So in this game we have a starting area, where everyone spawns. There is only one location with no randomization whatsoever. I'm highly against this. We should be thrown at random spots around the map when we die or spawn new. We should then inhabit wherever we like. Some areas should be difficult while others should be easy. Currently it's the deeper you go, the harder it is to survive but the better the resources are which gets onto my next topic.


Resources in this game are not evenly distributed. Each area doesn't have its advantage and disadvantages. Majority of the map is just really bad to live in or extremely good to live in. Very rarely do you see anything in-between. We need more valuable resources and they need to be evenly distributed around the map. This would allow us to trade and form allies, so clans can trade for the resources they can't obtain while the other can. Take for example the newb area, there is little to no reason to establish a base there because you'll be forced to move whether its from constantly being attacked by new players or because the lack of vital resources and NPCs. That just doesn't work in this type of game and in every server I've been on, new players complain about the lack of locations to build. It's highly to do because they spawn where everyone else spawns and as soon as they spawn, they build. It's just not working.

** Experience **

Currently right now you get more experience from killing mobs than you do building and crafting. I'm starting to remember the boring grind from MMORPGs and I hate it. I'm alright with bosses giving plenty of experience, but killing mobs all day just for the sake of leveling? No thanks. It's not fun and it's not why I bought this game. Also don't get me wrong, I want experience for killing, even players, but that's another discussion.


Right now for the most part, you get more resources at a faster rate from killing NPCs than you do from manually gathering them. I mean it's nice to get loot, but I feel like the amount we receive is a tad too much.

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