Due to the original Nier being physical only, it is in a unique situation where we know exactly how many copies it sold and can compare to Automata.

Around 910,000 copies. Not awful, but that's life-time sales.

For Automata, we so far know it sold over 200,000 copies in it's first week of availability. Total life-time sales for the original Nier in Japan? 201,000. Wow.

I want you to consider this as well. Automata is coming out at the same time as Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, and soon Persona 5, and if we include last month, Nioh.

If the past trends continue of the rest of the world selling about 4x as much as Japan…looking really good. It took the entire year of 2010 for the original Nier to sell as much as it has already sold…

I can't wait to see sales stats from SE / Platinum / Taro. Despite launching against a new console, a beloved franchise, and some big ass new contenders…I mean shit, it's doing amazing.

I can't wait til the updated sales data for Japan + NA happens. This game could easily sell 1M+ Copies in the first month alone, totally destroying Niers 4-5 years(Before sales dropped to nothing) 910K copies.

I am feeling incredibly confident about the original Nier remaster / Remake we heard of. This game is selling well and reviewed amazingly.

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