Drakengard and NeiR: Automata – Connection between Machines and Cult of the Watchers (Spoilers)

So I was watching cutscenes (literally for the 12th time. I love this series too much) and I got to the bit where Eve is hella pissed about Adam dying when I saw his chest with an oddly familiar symbol. At first, I kinda just dismissed it but the more I watched it, the more it made me curious for DAYS.

Earlier today I decided to have a nostalgia trip to 2003 with Drakengard and watched the opening movies and it immediately hit me. That face is from the Cult of the Watchers/Empire!


Eve’s chest:

This has to be some kind of connection here! Yoko Taro you’re seriously driving me insane with all this deep dive stuff. I love you man x-x I am currently theorizing how the hell these two are connected. I am aware that the universe of Drakengard is different from NieR, but the relation of the symbols being identical and lapsing through two separate timelines is insane and amazing at the same time.

I am probably going too deep into this and this is random. But we should know Taro by now. He puts these things in for a reason even we cannot explain it ourselves. Share your thoughts!

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