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Just to reiterate something that was discovered back in February – there is a potential bug that can occur in the base game files, which can stop you from progressing the main quest chain.

While it was fixed in the original day one patch, (1.01) and addressed again to avoid a fresh save, (1.03?) it still persists in the western download files.

Wait until your console has fully completed the game download to avoid this problem.

If this has already happened to you:

If you're stuck at the black screen after completing the prologue, you may be able to continue once the files have downloaded, presuming your client was already patched before you got to the point you're on. Wait and see.

If you're stuck at the Weapon's Dealer/Trader's quest and can't continue, I'm afraid you're likely going to have to start over on a fresh save. Restart the game after the full package has downloaded, apply the remaining patches, and try the NPC again, just to be sure.

Once you've reached the end of the main story content, (you'll know which ending that is, don't worry,) for all other problems that have arisen since release, I created an overview thread here ->

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