DON’T PLAY ON [GER] Blood & Sand [24/7-NW-RP-PvP]

So, this is actually my first post on reddit ever. I was driven here after being banned from this server. They said they only have 3 rules: 1) Don't raid offline people, 2) Roleplay 3) Announce a raid before attacking people (In my opinion it's stupid, cause if they don't want to get raided, they could just go offline and it would be bannable, lol, but rules are rules, so we respected it). Me and my friend joined this server, set up a base, played and farmed like crazy for 3 days. When we talked in the chat, we talked as we role-played vicious barbarians who knew no mercy, and we were really enjoying it. BUT… when it came to PVP… that's where all good impressions went away. We attacked 4 bases in full heavy armor and longswords + aloe potions and yog regen meats, 3 of them went offline, the 4th one was willing to fight.. ofc we killed them, then killed their thralls and looted the place up. Then they started to cry in the chat in german (and making up stuff, cause they thought we couldn't understand) for 10 minutes, admins came, spawned them heavy plate armors with weapons and killed us through a command or something. Instant death. Then we heard how we are not welcome on the server, as we are not german, therefore we are not even equal to them + other super racist monologues. It was quite entertaining how they thought german race is the one that is above all. Then we went back to base, my friend grabbed another set of medium gear and went seeking revenge. We killed those guys who attacked us in our armors, then they cried again (btw, we didn't even touch their base) and my friend got banned. I asked if PVP is not allowed on the server, but I got banned afterwards. Very very toxic community, even tho it's a pvp server, you will not enjoy any pvp there. Also, if you don't speak german (I can only understand it, not write) you will most likely get banned. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVER TO ANYONE. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you will stay away from this server, where admin abuse is over 9000 🙂 To sum it up:Strong racism, admin abuse, pve server. Have a nice day and stay away from this server ^

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