Don’t panic: Why anti-cheat services ban in waves, and what to do if you encounter a hacker / cheater.

Hey folks. I thought I would share a little bit of information as to why the recent hacks being tested during the closed Beta shouldn't overly alarm you, and what the typical industry response is to such things. I'm going to post the link to the full guide on reporting cheaters and hackers BEFORE and AFTER the rest of my post, so that everyone is on the same page.

If you need to report a PUBG Hacker, use Caesar's Step by Step Guide, linked here.

There's a few excellent reasons why you won't see immediate bans of hackers, even if the anti-hack company already knows about (and has found a solution for) the hack in question:

  • 1) Money draining the hackers: Often times, a hacker will end up paying for a full copy of the game in question, plus a copy of the cheat software. If a company insta-banned the first few people that used the hack, it would be reported as a 'bad hack' and the cheaters would wait until one comes along that hasn't been detected. Instead, you allow them to use it a few times and report back 'this cheat works'. Then all the cheaters buy copies of the game and hack… only to have it all banned and blocked a week later. This financial punishment keeps games cleaner for longer.

  • 2) Reducing false positives: There needs to be an extended testing of the anti-cheat (which can be going on while point 1 is being accomplished) to make sure that there are no innocent mods or monitoring programs that would trigger an account ban. Some false positives will always get through, but the test team can cover 90 percent of the most popular legal add-ons for a given game, to keep the hassle to a minimum.

  • 3) Create huge waves of upset clients for the cheat creators: It might be possible to deal with 1000 people over the course of a month complaining that the cheat isn't working, wanting a refund, etc. Given that amount of time, they can do the proper customer service and PR and maintain their cheating client base. But trying to deal with them all within the space of a couple of days is much harder. The cheat companies won't be able to contact everyone who complains, they'll issue blanket statements that will have to apply to everyone, and their customers will lose all faith in them.

In short: Waves have the biggest impact on both the cheaters and the cheat companies, and allow the anti-cheat firm to reduce false positives.

If you need to report a PUBG Hacker, use Caesar's Step by Step Guide, linked here.

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