Dont let this “Honor Rules” ruin the game

I was quite big in the Dark Souls community, so I am no stranger to Honor Rules. I've already seen its effects, but I hope it doesnt ruin the game. The developers put things in like Hazards (cliffs, fire, etc…) to make gameplay more varied. Creating an imaginary rule that scolds a player for using these is so stupid. There are parts of maps that are made specifically for the hazards to be used as the main threat (bridges+cliffs, geyser filled battleground). Yet every time you make use of them, someone quits or gets salty and flames you.

I personally find that footing/positioning would make for more varied and, in my opinion, better gameplay. This is technically a fighting game, and rarely do fighting games have that added dimension of map knowledge. Thats fuckin awesome. I say we embrace the hazards. Learn to play safer when we're around them and punish any attempts for an easy kill.

The saltiness around hazards can really turn off new players to the game. I've gotten quitters and people raging in chat like 90% of the times I've used a hazard. And its some aggressive rage, for what though? Let's not get so crazy about unwritten "Honor" rules. It'll split and ruin the community so quickly.

Edit 1: Just to add: I just realized that my main, Conqueror, has crowd control and sustain that would not get used to its full potential if everyone plays by honor rules. I wanna get ganked, I want Revenge to get more use. Its a fighting game with so many options, I really dont want it to turn into purely swordplay.

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