Don’t Count Equipped Items as Weight

I was thinking about how most of my guild has a set of equipment in each cache in each main city. This is because it is free to travel when you have no weight. So, as many people do, we just leave all of our equipment at one cache in a city, and move to another and either create a new set or just buy one from the auction house. I hate having to pay for travel, so I just do it naked, but that slows down everything I have to do in the new city–provided I have to make my own new armor.

I have thought about all possible traveling variants: free travel altogether, free travel just to islands, etc. However, none of them worked because you could always just break the game if you could travel to your island for free, leave all your expensive mats there that weigh a TON, then travel to another city for no cost at all, and retrieve your mats from the island at the new city, which is game-breaking if you want to enforce players to have to pay to move massive amounts of mats.

But, there is a way to allow players to only be able to move X amount of weight for free when traveling, and it is to only allow them to take their equipped items with them. This would mean that anything else in your inventory would cost extra to move. If you have 999 of some material, you would still have to pay to transport it. This would make it so people wouldn't have to create new sets of armor in each cache for every city, which is a quality of life thing. Nobody wants to create new items in a new city, but nobody wants to travel at a cost.

It seems like a non-issue, but the quality of life would greatly be improved if people can move from city to city with just their equipped items in order to get to a better spot to farm stuff, keeping in mind that you wouldn't be able to transport those items to another city without paying.

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