Done For Now, My Two Cents for Dev’s, good and bad points.

The game has so much potential to be amazing. I think everyone can agree with that. PVE wise (when people dont grief spawns) game is amazing. Private servers run by good admins are awesome.

PVP Official Is Cancer. Yes yes i know "go private" etc. But no. Things need to be fixed. Many of us want to play on Official public PVP servers. There more stable. As in if the owner doesnt wanna keep playing, we dont lose our stuff/time. Good Admins are rare.

The spawn block i know is something you are working on and will fix.

My biggest complaint is the INACTION of Funcom. Guys, HELLO?!?! Every single official pvp server is RUINED. Unplayable. There might be a few DEAD servers that are ok i guess. But pretty much every server is tainted because of the dupe glitch. How The HELL did you guys NOT at least roll back the servers to before the dupe glitch went rampant?!? And at this point if thats not feasible, at the very least WIPE the servers. I know you said you werent going to, but the population of this game is drastically dying, and its because of this type of shit. I got hit by no less than 20 consecutive gods. TWENTY. And that same clan went around hitting everyone with multiple gods. And there are horror stories abound about that happening all over. People have THOUSANDS of god tokens stashed now. And none of it was legit earned. The amount of time legit players like myself invested in grinding spider cave and other bullshit was astounding. And players were able to just dupe materials and spam T3 blocks to hit 50.

Ive said my piece on the official pvp problems right now.

Landclaim system needs rework. Some type of flag or land claim block etc needs to be implemented.

Siege EQ is coming, should solve bases that are high up.

The Iron War Hammer needs tweaking but thats whatev. The knock down is too drastic. Theres not much of a counter.

I love the crafting and exploration of the game. (make something to farm plant fiber faster with steel something pl0x) And im excited to see the new biomes etc as they come online. Very excited to see how things get implemented in the future. Love the thrall system. Its exciting bagging a high end thrall and getting him up and working.

NW Relic hunter city needs better access. Too easy to block off and too hard to move into once someones established. Too many choke points.

I hope you guys stay true and release this game in 2018 with Full Release and dont end up in the "Forever Alpha" category of the other bullshit survival games.

Ill probably come back after Mass Effect. Hopefully thats the break i need.

I 100% intend to come back to this game. But dear god i hope you guys become more responsive to extremely game breaking shit like the dupe.

TLDR : Bitching bout dupe and no action by funcom. Talked about alot of stuff i liked. Ill start playing again in several weeks probs. Keep on keepin on funcom.

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