Doesn’t feel like Im playing in a world ran by the cartel.

Let me first premise this by saying I have played both betas and I am still very excited for the game. Its quite fun and there is a lot that I like.

That being said, one thing I do not like is how unauthentic it feels. It does not feel like I am in a cartel ruled land.

For starters, cartels usually have look outs in every city, so enemies should at least know you are in that area and sometimes send out a hit squad. Or cartel members seen as civilians pull at their guns and start shooting.

Im not sure if this is going to be in the game, but in every cartel there are problems; internal struggles or other. We should be seeing random drive bys, random assassinations, kidnappings and other things.

It feels like the cartel members in this game have no lives. They just stand at their post all day. They don't go out to the cities to party in civilian wear, they don't do anything to interact with the world they've taken over.

This world should feel unsafe and dangerous.

One way they could do that is add random kidnappings of team mates or players. Im not sure how this should be implemented but it would be cool if lone players or team mates could be rolled up one and attacked, if the person is shot (or meleed, idk) they are taken into a truck and driven to a random location. This could start a short timer mission where the team mates can attempt to rescue their compadre before he is executed

Id love to hear what you guys think about all of this. And sorry for the wall of text lol.

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