Does Smite need a mascot character for events?

So if you've looked at some of the recent events rather closely you may know that there are stories/lore with them. The last Odyssey apparently had a story going where you unlocked pieces of it along with rewards which apparently hinted towards Morrigan, and with the Egyptian event today you got some guy called Alazlan talking about how the gods may be from space, and the skins each have a bit of a story.

Problem I have with this is that I'm pretty sure Alazlan seems to be a completely fictional character. through my google searches I've found a Wadi Al Azlan, but that was more of an ancient oasis so i'm pretty sure that wouldn't be some mythological character. In terms of the actual game of smite this is the first time Alazlan was ever used, and he was used as just a name for a "quote", which since this is a completely made up character you wouldn't even need to frame it as a quote.

However in thinking about how unnecessary Alazlan is for Smite's new event I pondered something. Why didn't they just use Denton the Cyclopes and have him tell stories to his kid? So who exactly was Denton? Well awhile ago when Smite was new they used this Cyclopes as kind of a comic relief character and even had a few machinimas. Then they basically stopped using him despite that he was basically a mascot.

So here's my question, should Smite have a mascot character?

If yes then I could see it going two ways. One idea is to have one character like maybe Denton or something like him. A second idea is to have several characters like Alazlan with maybe some simple art who study the gods and could provide certain exposition for events.

So what do you guys think? Does Smite need no mascots? should smite have a mascot? or should smite have like a bunch of mascots for each pantheon?

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