Does NG+ get any better? [Spoilers]

So I usually don't binge games, but I went to town to getting Ending A and I loved it.

Now playing as 9S, it's just…not very enjoyable. The hacking minigame is a huge point of contension, I know, but I don't find it too annoying, though I'd rather you be able to hack multiple enemies at once instead of a constant back and forward. But the combat just feels very barebones after playing 2B.

Granted, I never played the original Nier so I probably no reason to complain (especially when I've been told everything after this point is 1000x better)…

But my biggest issue is that I feel like I'm avoiding doing anything so I can finish this ending as soon as possible.

Add to the fact that I have all chip upgrades and pod programs in place, and the only motivation is to a) remember where chests are to get new weapons b) upgrade the weapons c) clean up the old sidequests and the new ones.

Yet part of me feels like I would have rather finished those quests as 2B and for the new ones, I'm tempted to ignore them so I can get to the good stuff and come back later.

So I write this to vent and I will be taking a bit of a break away from the game since I never go ham on a series like this, but I suppose if you all can tell me to either just rush through it or learn how to combo better with one type of attack, I'd appreciate it.

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