Does anyone else think summoning gods is a little overpowered?

I really like the idea of summoning gods for raiding, it's a really unique and cool idea, but it just seems so overpowered and unstoppable. Every base no matter how strong, no matter how big, no matter what material it is built out of is always 60 seconds away from being wiped off the map completely, most likely when not even online to defend it. It seems like a great idea to be vulnerable while summoning, etc but in practice people are just summoning gods vs bases when they are offline and wiping days/weeks of work in 60 seconds with minimal cost or risk. When this game launched I convinced a handful of friends to play and all but 1 quit this weekend after our massive base of probably 300 T3 blocks got wiped 100% off the map by one guy in 60 seconds. We all really loved playing and base building, and making our base stronger, etc. We put in work to get all t3, but quickly realized there is no point in strategic base building because of the nuke option any player can utilize for minimal cost. One guy without a base wiping a massive t3 base that 5 people created over a week in 60 seconds just seems overpowered, and there is nothing you can do about it. Is this really how it is mean to be? Bases seem like a pointless time waste when all you need is a priest and alter to take out any base in the game almost instantly. Everyone left and went back to rust due to base strategy being pointless in this game at the moment.

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