DO NOT write tips for upcoming VOG, CE Raids until it’s release!

Hi everyone,

Quick recap: The Age of Triumph is bringing back 2 of our first Raids back to Current Light Level, which means they are REVAMPED.

Revamped -give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to. <- ENG Dictionary

Back to topic: I see lots of people writing,


TIPS ON…… how to do that; what to do there and where..

and it continues.

Guardians, have you already ran NEW and REVAMPED raids? Cause when I write this post, it's still 2 weeks left until the release of Age Of Triumph. And I see every 2nd post about how to run VOG/CE or its strategies.

I understand that most of us here are from Y1, including me, and ran VOG thousands of times and want to share with new guardians (kinderguardians) how to complete the raid, but you talk about OLD raids.

I understand that we won't get MAJOR changes but still we will have some small edits to the raid, so why do you write tips for old raids? Let's just wait until new raids to come out and then write all those TIPS AND TRICKS, ON HOW TO BE A FLAWLESS RAIDER AND BEST TEAMMATE"

This will be all from me, thank you if you've read this and enjoy your day.


Wait for the Age of Triumph release and then write tips and tricks to NEW raids.

I feel the salt of guardians already. So much hate.

edit: its

Edit: Okay, I honestly didn't think that this post will get so much attention BUT thank you all for your replies and sorry, I cannot answer to each one, got work and uni rn XD But damn, that's awesome, thanx <3

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