Do NOT join “ 16×16 BUILD LIMIT”.

Im sorry if this isn't something anyone wants to see on this subreddit and the admins can delete it if they wish but i feel the need to get the word out so no one makes the same mistake i did. Sangaming server is run by extremely power corrupt admins that act friendly at first but if you attack their friends they will ban you as it happened to two friends at separate times and I heard rumors that it happened to others in chat. They also completely wiped our base saying it was for lag but didn't wipe any other bases that were WAY bigger than ours, Their rule is 16×16 and our main base was 15×14 and instead of deleting the outer defensive walls they deleted the entire thing and banned me from the server after i asked why they deleted the entire thing. Again sorry if this is the wrong forum but after putting 30+ hours on their server only to have this happen is infuriating and i want to make sure no one else wastes their time. Thanks for your time!

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