Do NOT click this unless you’ve finished both endings.

I just finished the "good" ending of Wildlands and let me tell you. If Ubisoft makes a sequel on this basis I will loose my fucking mind! Cartels are nice but I do not want to take down another. Not only that but Santa Blanca felt more like a pmc than a cartel. I don't want anything to do with El Sueno ever again. I was making a joke with my friend that the worst ending of the game would be if you fight your way to his palace and then he just shoots himself but Ubisoft somehow managed to make an even worse ending! You fight your way to his mausoleum only for him to fucking talk shit and treat you like a peasant, walk away, and go into witness protection in florida! The hell!? This is some Mass Effect 3 level shit. I don't know what the next recon game should be but it better not be cartel destroyer 2.0. Africa could be a cool spot, maybe australia? I appreciate the open world(though maybe ubisoft should take some tips from rockstar or bethseda) and would like to stay with the format. A better story would be nice, just make sure Santa Blanca, Dj Perico, and El Sueno don't have anything to do with it. And if a facet of the game is going to be poorly done(story) then at least make the other parts astounding. I'll sacrifie story if it means I can customize my character down to the hand he/she perfers to masturbate with on saturdays. Screw the ending, screw Dj Perico, screw the lack of bipods, and screw the button layout. If I am in cover getting shot at, why must I aim out of cover to switch to my grenade launcher!?!?

"Nomad out"

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