Divine Gear Explained (May Contain Spoilers)

So, a lot of folks are probably wonder what they can do post game with all that Divine Gear. First and foremost, you CAN upgrade those pieces up to a +10 enhancement (i.e. Level 150 +10), but no farther (yet). The way you do this is through Soul Matching at the Blacksmith.

Soul Matching Divine Gear:

“So how do I get to +10 if I can’t find anything better than a +1?”

You will find gear with up to a +5 (I’ve even seen a couple +6 come from the final mission), but the enhancement is dependant on what region you’re in and completely random. It is also possible to craft with an enhancement, but I’ll get to that. The basics are what’s important.

2 non-enhanced divine items soul matched will not give you a +1. You’ll need to find a +1 and use it to get your first piece of gear TO +1.

From there on out, here’s how the math works:

+1 soul matched to a +1 will give you +2

+1 soul matched to a +anything will give you a +2

You can’t jump levels, so keep that in mind, since you won’t want to waste a piece of +4 gear on getting something from +1 to +2.

To get up to +10 you’ll need a lot of gold and enhanced gear. The math stays the same the whole way up so to get your +9 weapon to +10 you will need another +9 weapon. This means farming as many enhanced divine items as possible. so you can get another weapon to +9.

Farming divine items

“Where do I get all of these divine items to waste in soul matching?”

Well, there’s the Torii Gate, and then there’s the Torii Gate. The best thing you can do at first is attempt to get as many of the NG+ missions done as possible. Use the Torii Gate for that, because you will definitely have trouble soloing a lot of that content until you’re sufficiently geared/leveled. In Kyushu, you’ll be lucky to get a +1 and mostly just straight divines. It goes up in each region (i.e. by the time you hit Omi you’re looking at +4/+5, but the difficulty is significantly increased).

Crating Divine Gear

“You said something about crafting divine gear?”

Yes, you can craft divine gear for the small cost of 1-10 divine fragments to be used in the process. The way this works is that before you hit “Forge” on a piece of gear, you hit the triangle button to add divine fragments to the process. Each one you add (up to 10) will give you a percent chance to get a divine item (up to about 89%). I’ve found you rarely fail at around 6 fragments.

I’m not sure if the number of fragments used has any impact on possible enhancement on the crafted gear or if that’s just random. I can say that having increased the low and high level bonus in the additional requests doesn’t seem to have any impact, because I have both maxed and only have ever seen 2-3 pieces of +1 gear.

“What about 160 (previously 320) gear?”

From what I have found on the topic, the only way to get 160 gear is to craft it. Assuming you have the smithing text for the piece you want, have a few million extra gold and a USB drive to save your game to that is. The 160 gear is EXTREMELY rare. If it’s something you must have, it does come from crafting using divine fragments. The method would be to save your game to a USB, use up all your resources, load from the USB and try again. Rinse/repeat until you have a 160.

“Where do I get these divine fragments?”

Basically disassembling divine gear. I would recommend that at first you only disassemble gear that has no enhancement and you have no intentions of using. It’s a good idea at first to build up a decent stockpile, because you’ll need them later to further specialize your gear through re-forging (that’s next).

The best thing you can do to work on that stockpile is to find a level you can easily solo and just kill every revenant with all divines you can. Revenants will never drop enhanced gear. They only drop the base divine gear. This can be a good way to get set pieces you don’t have smithing texts for as well.

Re-forging Divine Gear

“Why’d you say I need divine fragments for re-forging? I can still use Spirit Chunks!”

Yes, yes you can. However, just like when we were crafting, there is now the option to hit the triangle button to change the materials used to divine fragments. The added bonus here is that you can randomly get blue/yellow/purple and on very very rare occasions green abilities (the green ability is unconfirmed) show up on your weapon. These are typically stuff like Unlimited Onmyo/Ninjutsu or Change to attack (INSERT STAT HERE). The end game is brutal and likely so will the DLC content, so you want as many great stats as possible from your gear.

a word on reforging

There are stats you can’t change in a re-forge like the >< symbol and the circular symbol that looks like a seal. The important thing is that now that you have armor that can gain familiarity like your weapons there’s a new feature. If you have a piece of gear you really want to use, but the >< stat is garbage, you can change that.   Here’s how that works: If you have a piece of gear with max familiarity and you soul match it to a new piece of gear, the >< stat will transfer over. If the piece of gear your soul matching it to has a full load of stats, the >< from the item you’re using to soul match will overwrite the >< on the one you’re soul matching to. One way to get familiarity on something you have no intentions of using, is to equip it and run a Way of the Samurai mission a few dozen times. Also, you’ll get a new item called Nikawa Glue that you can use (it’s like a Whetstone for armor), so just equip the item and use the glue to get its familiarity up.

That’s it for now. Hope it’s helpful. It took me a while to figure it all out, so I wanted to pass the knowledge along. If you have any questions or just want someone to farm with, give me a holler. My gamertag on PS4 is Yamimbe.

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