[Discussion] Tablet/Phone screen size and the HUD

Hi all, I've played since the first beta but I only entered the game, played a couple weeks for some hours each beta. This one I'm planning to get deeper into the game preparing myself for the release.

I'm a veteran Ultima Online players with more than 16 years playing it. I've stoped because I don't have time to sit on my computer anymore and sometimes I can play on my work for an hour here and there. Even after work sometimes I'm not at home and I feel like beign able to play on a portable device is great and the game works amazingly that way!

The only problem that I'm having is with the HUD size, even with 100% (for tablet users) the HUD is a little too small on a 5.5' screen.

I know the developers said the portable premise of the game is for Tablet and not Smartphones, but the game is totally playable on my Moto Z Play for example (high settings), the only problem is the HUD size.

We could be able to resize it greater than 100% and it would work great on any of the new huge screen phones. Even Nintendo Switch have a 6.2' screen, this is smaller than most tablets.

Coming along with that we could have a way to pinch the screen, or click on a "+"/"-" button to zoom in and out on portable version like we can do on PC version.

TL;DR: Developers said the premise of portable Albion is for tablets not for smartphones, but many people will still play it on their phones. An easy increment of greater HUD sizes could make the game totally playable as it is on smaller screens.

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