[Discussion]-I have quit Ladder, here’s why

No, no. That doesn't mean I quit the game at all! I'll still play tournaments and such. But I've stopped playing ladder, and I probably won't for awhile.

Like many others, it's because of Royal Giant and Ebarbs. Of course, some of you are gonna say "BUT RG/EBARBS ARE EASY TO COUNTER GIT GUD NYAH"

Tbh while they might be easy to counter on equal levels(more so the RG than ebarbs), it gets monotonous and ladder starts to feel more like a chore rather than fun.

Out of the last 11 matches I played, 7 of them had RG/Ebarbs. Honestly, it gets boring after awhile. These two cards stagnate the lower ladder below the Top 200. If it wasn't for these cards there would be a more diverse meta.

Instead, I click the battle button in fear of the level 12 Ebarbs I KNOW they're gonna send down my lane.

So why play ladder anymore if I'm just going to face the same deck over and over and over again? It's not fun. At least in tournaments and Clan Battles there's some diversity.

TL;DR-I'm done with ladder because it's now boring to face overleveled RG/Ebarbs every single match, and I didn't quit because of overleveling, but the monotony of it.

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