Discussion: Game Breaking Exploits

Look- its been 3 wipes making a bad week and a half for me – normally I would just find a new server. Instead I'm going to throw in the towel – and I think many people are of the same opinion. I will start playing again when these are fixed:

1) Bases shouldn't be unraidable. Current Meta has people adding and removing stairs for access and egress – making it impossible to raid without calling in a Deity. In addition- some bases are not accessible with a God (there are some legit non-raidable bases.)

2) PVP in a game like this is about strategy; building in the right spot with access to materials should remain a viable strategy while placing items in camps to block materials or content should NOT be a viable strategy.

3) Forced admin transparency is a must – I want to know when items are spawned into a game and I want to know when an admin kills a dragon using God mode. Every other game in this genre has it integrated for a reason – to eliminate bad perceptions and hold people accountable. If you want to use the honor system – realize that even the most honorable people have weak moments.

4) Being able to loot your own character after a PVP engage in the death screen is game breaking. Someone who gets ganked is easily capable of bringing their stuff home on spawn leaving nothing for the victor. I am not going to explain how it's done –

Sadly these four issues have destroyed the population an turned the game into a platform where everyone gets a medal. You cant be raided? You cant lose your farm or items? You are going to spite a team who couldn't take your stuff when they killed you by placing foundations on their farm location?

Take care of this shit quickly or you will lose all your new player base.


Edit: I should add that I think the core of this game is amazing. I love the depth of character when leveling, I love that you cant have your cake and eat it too (archer or dps or tank?…not all) I love the PVE opportunities when spawns aren't blocked, I really enjoy the religion concept, I like that there seems to be a door open for race-specific perks, Thralls are an amazing concept, battle stamina/health/dps management is really spot on… its UNFORTUNATE that these bugs have to stand in the way of me signing back on – I'm just too old to tolerate much anymore.

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