[Discussion] Excitement for Thralls and City Life

As a fan of dwarf fortress and automation games the announcement about the future of city life makes me incredibly excited!

I trust that the devs have a lot of great ideas for what is in store. I appreciate that they are working on features that expand the game out longterm for the wider audience of players (such a co-op and single player). (Super thanks for the ability to set PVP times!)

Here are the bubbling thoughts on my wish list:

  • Organizing automation: Setting a crafters to 'pull from' a set box (or boxes). Or to unload crafted goods to a specific box. (i.e. Smelter Bob only can pull materials from Box A. This ensures that he only makes iron ingots. He then places completed ingots in Box B. Smelter Kathy only pulls items from Box B and Box C (which contains steelfire and coal). So this way she only makes steel.)

  • Thalls that organize my stuff. I have a few 'drop off boxes' and various thralls pick up the deposits and place them in the appropriate places. (Like drones and requester boxes in Factorio)

  • Work orders. Ask a manager or overseer to bring you X of X items. If they have it they go get it and bring it to you.

  • Leveling. This would discourage me from slaughtering every level 1&2 thrall I meet. I also like the idea of building up your clan from some of the dregs out there.

  • Equipping. Having all my thralls in clan colors. Oh yes please!

I'm curious what others have in mind. I know this aspect of the game is a long long way off. It looks to have a lot of potential but is also extremely complex and ambitious. I imagine some of my thralls will die of exhaustion because I can't figure out how to set sleep schedules. 🙂

How do you guys think this will work? What are you folks hoping it will be like?

edit: because I fail at bullet point formatting..

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