[Discussion] Can more PvE with more Risk vs. Reward make this a better game?

This is just my opinion. I am not far advanced in the game (T5), and I don't have much black zone experience. I played in the last two betas, and in the last one I roamed a bit in the black zones before I stopped playing in November. There I got to T6, and was probably 2/3 of the way to using T7. I could craft T6 and gather one T6 mat (cotton). Again, I imagine that isn't a lot of experience in the game.

My only problem, and I know this is probably a chunk of the playerbase, is that I am too casual.

I like this game, personally. And I wonder if it wouldn't benefit from getting more PvE dungeons. Well, PvX dungeons, to be precise. I would love to see some challenging raid content for PvE lovers, but with the added danger that someone could roam in with their raid group to PvP us.

I would also love to see totally new dungeon environments, maybe with multiple levels and with interactive traps / quests.

Multiple bosses?

Really good loot that would incentivize the PvE'er who manages to get to wear/use T7 gear? The risk being that you could get ganked by a PvP'er, or a group of them.

Would you be able to avoid the camp gankers if you just made a lot of different dungeons and spread the community out so as to give the PvE'ers a chance?

I know I would love something like that. Currently, going out in small groups is safest, but you still get wiped quick if you encounter a group just in the red zones. That's cuz these guys have experience, and are at t6/t7.

This is exactly what turned me off to the last beta, and so maybe my only problem is being in beta. 🙂 The reason being that I didn't have time to invest into becoming T7/T8 knowing I would never actually get there in beta.

Could this turn off the average casual player from getting into this game?

I am just wondering if maybe a ton of creative dungeon content like this were pumped out, where you could PvE raid but also encounter PvP groups, whether the game would just be better for everyone?

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