Discord Bot: Simulationcraft

Due to all the none techie guys/girls in the guild I am in kept asking for help to do simulationcrafts to get stat weights and check dps did I take on the task on creating a discord bot that does all the boring stuff for you.

This bot will require you having a TCI version of simulationcraft on the server the bot is running and a webserver is needed too. I would recommend having a CPU(s) with a total of at least 8 threads, else a sim will take too long.

All setting are set from a .json file. This file needs to configured to your needs.

Right now the bot does a 25000 iterations where you can tell it to use either the simulation ingame addon string or armory, stat scaling can also be activated.

Bot has been tested on Debian 8 with python 3.5.2.

Feel free to test it and come with input on what needs to be improved or features missing.


example of .json file:

  • erverid is used to change presence of the bot, this is what the bot uses to check if a simulation is running.
  • channelid is used to tell the bot what channel people are allowed to use the bot in. (Version check and help command is excluded for this lock)

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