Disbanded clan, permission for everything lost *Huge gamebreaking bug!!!*

Hello. I have been farming and making me a nice fortress on a cliff and built many hours. I also had Thralls on my buildings guarding it. Now today, my friend started playing. To make him able to enter my fortress i created a clan.

However, when i did that. My thralls started shooting at me almost killing me. I quickly disbanded the clan to not get killed by my own thralls. I was not able to take the thralls in my intentory. When i tried placing it, it said that i didn't have permission since i didn't owned the ground, WTF? After that i tried to get out from my door and it says only my clan has permission.

Everything i built i can't do anything with. Im completly stuck with a fortress and lots of materials built and i can't access it. I tried creating the clan again with same name nothing helps.


1: I created a clan, to invite my friend so he wouldn't be killed by my thralls

2: Immedietly when i created the clan my thralls starting shooting at me

3: Quickly i disbanded the clan so i wouldn't get killed

4: Now i can't access anything in my building and i don't have permission to build there anymore

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