Disable Trebuchets Until Wall Glitch and Fall Negate is Fixed

Funcom, thanks for all of time you've spent making the great game so far but the trebuchet content is a huge step in the wrong direction. I probably won't be playing this weekend due to the faults with the trebuchet. (220 hours in game so far)

Let me preface this and let you know our tribe has been raided twice this week via wall glitches. All crafting stations gone, all thralls gone, no damage to doors or walls on a rectangular t2 building.

As of last night my tribe built off the ground and provided proper land claims to make it impossible to make it to our door. We learned from our mistakes with the wall glitch. Or so we thought.

Now the trebuchet comes along. While I don't mind the trebuchet, I do mind people throwing teammates over walls and having them survive. Let's throw wall glitch into the mix and now any player has the option to cheaply raid any base as soon as they hit level 15.

This week we had a new Chinese clan show up on our server (I'm still not sure why high ping is allowed, the Chinese have ruined our experience time and time again.) These guys aren't even high enough level to make steel and they've already broken into our base twice and cleared hours of work with no signs of damage to the walls. I'm sure you can see our frustration when they exploit like this and stream it to their fans as a form of "foreigner provocation/molestation" as they say.

I propose you leave the trebuchet out of the game until you fix two things:

1) Wall glitch via high ping – These servers are supposed to be region locked due to a cultural difference in playstyle (as funcom has literally said themselves). Let's fix wall glitching via high ping methods by actually ping limiting. Two birds with one stone here guys!

2) Fall Damage Negation – Yes, you can ignore fall damage in the game. Trebuchet + no fall damage sounds like a great idea right?

Also, please release patches on a Tuesday guys. We know you don't work on the weekend so at least release a patch that's not during peak playtime. We want to see this game prosper and it's going to require support! Support us!

PS- We're not joining a private server so don't even.

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