Difference between EU servers and NA servers : Day and Night

Hi there, after playing more than 400 games on EU in solo and 100 in duo / squad, I've tried to play with my friend on NA servers because a lot of people have said that it's better.

Actually there is just no comparison after 10 games, I did 2 wins on 5 games in solo, and one win in 4 games in duo (on EU in solo I have 15 wins, 1 win in duo and 5 in squad so this is pretty bad)

Me and my friends are used to fps and we are usually quite good (CS, RB6) but there was so much BS lately especially on close combat that we lose most of our firefights.

As soon as we try NA it was so much smoother, bullets actually hits people (I know crazy right ?) and killed them like they should, no sign of lag/desync, every single death was because we made a bad decision or bad aiming but NOT because of the cheap servers.

Even though I guess we still have a higher ping than on EU, the game experience was day and night, we had so much fun, commands were responding well, in two words : a different game.

I heard people saying that servers are 20 tickrate, which is not bad…it's awful … But I am wondering if maybe the 20 tickrate is just for EU servers and not for NA which can explain the difference.

If anyone have more informations on this I will be happy to know more, thanks 😉

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