Did we ever figure out SBMM?

I know it's been brought up a hundred times, but I'm an alpha player and I've always hated Crucible and Trials; I'm just not a PvP guy. I'd rather have a beer and play through a raid with friends. I suffered through the Mountaintop quest with help from friends and now I'm working on completing the subclass quests. Embarrassingly, my highest crucible reputation rank was 16 (now 21 after less than a week, yay!).

I'm confused though because I only have three match types. 1) I am crowned lord of the crucible and destroyer of hopes and dreams. 2) I have less than a .5 K/D and I'm not even the worst on my team. 3) I'm playing against magicians who teleport around and I just quietly leave the match before the lagging makes me rage.

How is there not a middle ground? When I play with a fireteam, the matches seem more even. Solo play though? Get rekted me. Or get rekted poor kids that I'm paired with. I don't suck and I'm not a god of the game; are there really no lukewarm middle ground players out there? And why would it take up to five minutes to matchmake on occasion?

Sorry… Been said a hundred times on here, but I'm just trying to find some clarification. If you'd like further proof of my mediocrity, my PSN is the same screen name, look up my ho hum stats.

Additionally, I'm probably going to cry myself to sleep trying to complete the hunter subclass quests.

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