Did anyone else have a problem with level scaling?

I was really bothered by the end of the game. I did every single side mission, every single Twilight mission, and copious amounts of co-op. Yet when I got to the 6th region, I was 20 levels behind the curve, and finished the game almost 50 levels behind the level of the last stage. On top of this, I was using the Red Demon set, and soul matching seemed completely out of reach. I was getting weapon drops at 125-130, but it would cost 11 million gold to match my spear up to that. At that point, I had 1.5 million gold and hadn't really spent any. I had to ditch my spear as non of the revenants I found seemed to have one to replace my lower level one. All of this seemed to artificially inflate the difficulty of the final region. The mechanics of the bosses were easy, but it took almost 2 full combos with grapples to kill even the foot soldiers. This all strikes me as odd as I haven't seen anyone else gripe about this. I still LOVE the game and continue playing it, but now I'm in Way of the Strong at level 102 and feel completely overwhelmed. Even in full divine Red Demon set, I feel like I'm using a toothpick instead of a spear. Did I miss something crucial? What's he best way to fill the gap between my level and an acceptable one for WotS?

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