Devs, please patch up the map holes that people build bases inside of.

You guys have been doing a phenomenal job in my opinion so far so thank you for that!

However, there are some major map holes that need to be patched up. The areas people use for 'hidden secret bases' that you see videos for; the 2 under the bridge/aqueduct, the one inside the temple with the black stairs north of set city, even the one in the northern mountains by that other temple. They all need to be plugged up so players cannot build in there anymore. Or at least GREATLY shrunk in size so only a small stash base or something could survive in there.

I ask this because as someone who runs a popular server with gods currently disabled, it makes it much harder to administrate. We try to run our server with a minimal amount of "rules" that players have to follow and instead let the configuration of the server handle it, which is generally how a game like this should work. These spots lead to obvious issues, especially if gods are disabled. The holes are obviously map spots missed during the build, not something you guys intended to put in for players to live in and really should be something your map guys can take a pass at fixing fairly easy I would imagine.

I know this opinion won't be popular with a lot of players out there. A lot of people will scream about how they need a place like that to protect themselves, blah blah. But really it defeats the entire purpose of the game. EVERYONE should be vulnerable through basic raiding and other methods of building unraidable bases mostly have ways that can be used a temporary measures on the server config side until more content gets released. I.e. low land claim radius allows raid towers to be built to counter mountain bases. Once siege towers are implemented we won't need this anymore.

There is no counter to the actual map completely surrounding a base however, except the gods which currently are far to broken in their current state to be worth the trade off.

=edit= I do want to add that I'm not against there being actual designed caves and nooks and crannies for bases to be lived in, but they need to be designed by the dev team with the game balance in mind. Some of the tunnel caves on the eastern side of the map are good examples of this. They have 2 main ways in, and usually some crack or hole at the top. Same goes for a lot of the temple spots in the far northern area. Most of them have multiple ways in and are vulnerable to a treb or bombs at least. I love people being able to have good base design and picking prime defensive locations, but those map oversights are not that, they are just bugs that need to be fixed. =edit=

Devs pls, plug holes.

-biggest fan freezy

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