Dev guide for fixing GRW. Why they should delay this game.

I’ll start off by saying the game is fantastic the map is huge, tons of content and the landscape is vast and beautiful. I like that a headshot was a headshot and a kill regardless of the strength of the enemy, and I enjoyed the customization of the character and weapons I hope there's a lot more in the final game.

However, me, and a lot of other ppl, really love this game and want it to be the best so it’s frustrating seeing a game with so much potential feel unfinished when it’s about to be released.

I get it, it's one of your biggest maps, but GTA 5 was also created in 4 years but your map is almost 3 times the size of theirs. You need at least one more year or else you're going to lose a lot of sales.


Here's what you can do in 1 year:


  • Should only show "last known position" of enemy unless the drone stays in the air and keeps eyes on a target as long as the battery lasts. When the drones run out of battery they land somewhere and you have to pick them up to recharge it. Permanent location of enemies feels like wallhacking.


  • Allow custom outfits

  • Allow each member to have different loadouts (e.g. sniper, support, heavy, rush, etc.)

  • If stealth allow AI to ask us which target they should take out if they have an open shot on one or a few.


  • There should be different detection rates between the surrounding environment and the clothes you wear (i.e. the more you match your environment the slower the detection and closer you can get.)

  • Add melee weapons such as knives that can also be used for stealth kills.


  • Ability to evacuate civilians during a firefight. There should be times where the enemy holds a civilian at gunpoint or uses them as a body shield and you fail if you kill the civilian. We should have an objective within the firefight to evacuate civilians and make sure they’re protected in a firefight or tell them to get down.

  • Fix the cover system. Just copy the Divisions cover system and you’ll be fine.

  • Add ability to move dead bodies.

  • Bodies should not disappear or not so quickly.

  • If one person gets detected, the whole team shouldn’t automatically be detected.

  • You should be able to break line of sight if spotted and enemies scout last known area.

  • Add +100 kill scores and streaks when killing enemies, and +150 for stealth kills, bonus +25 for headshot kills.

  • Add notification for kill streaks and longest shot.

  • Add ability to breach doors and take out enemies, or throw in a frag or flashbang and close the door.


  • Bullet velocity needs to be a little faster.

  • Mag size of ARs and SMGs are way too small.

  • Like the division have different weapon categories (i.e. common, rare, legendary, exotic).

  • Add smoke grenades.


  • Enemy numbers and difficulty should be scaled to the number of ppl on the squad.


  • You’re tired of hearing how bad it is, just copy GTA 5 controls.

  • Allow driving in first person

  • Option to autodrive, where an AI takes the wheel or we can autodrive and use a sidearm to fire with if need be.


  • You’re tired of hearing how bad it is, just copy GTA 5 controls.

  • Needs crosshairs to shoot.

  • Add fast roping from helicopter


  • If playing with a partial squad, have option to fill the other spots with AI and make one person leader of them or assign which members have control of each.


  • Stay crouched if you were crouched before jumping over a wall.

  • Animation after revived is too slow and player should have the ability to stay crouched and not just automatically stand.


  • When you’re down add ability to move camera and switch to other players view.

  • Some weapons should remove body parts, especially if you down an enemy with a mounted gun


  • Black out everything on the map and only reveal discovered areas, this way we explore and unlock areas.

  • Add option to use mini-map only for gps navigation without enemy locations for those who want more realism.

  • Tacmap needs grids and coordinate system: x-y coordinates, altitude, village name, mountain, river, bridge, and street names.


  • Enemy gunfire looks like paper

  • Add more colour and depth to explosions

  • Blood spray and puffs should be more detailed

  • Add bullet holes like Division

  • Burnt enemies from explosions should be more detailed


  • Explosions sound hollow


  • Intel should reveal general area of items to be tagged and weapon caches. It shouldn’t reveal pin point location, we should have to discover this for ourselves.

  • If we find a weapon cache, we should have to extract it to send it back to our base. In that time enemies we’ll be aware of our location and we’d have to defend it.


This is just some of the main suggestions most people have. Ubi devs I know it’s been 4 years in the work and one of the biggest maps, but something this size and has this much potential deserves more polishing so all those years will be worth it. Most ppl are frustrated because they see how much potential this game has and if we get something that doesn’t feel finished we’ll be disappointed and you’ll lose money. There’ll be no winners. If you guys delay this game release for another 6 months to a year I’m sure the whole community would not mind at all, in fact, they’d probably be more happy you’re listening to them and see your efforts to give them the best experience. Hope you guys listen.

Let me know what you guys think of the list!

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