Detailed Quick Guide: HotS Mount Promo

Hey WoW-Community,
you want to do the mount cross-promo on Heroes of the Storm as quick as possible? I read a lot of advice like "just always push down mid and do nothing else", which is just wrong and takes you way more time than needed. With this advice, you can finish most maps at around 4min easily! So here is my guide:


The Basics:

  • Ignore map objectives (temples, coin chests, tributes..) and push down the weakest lane with all 5 heroes. Take fort and keep. The weakest lane isnt always mid lane, but usually the boss lane if the map has a boss.

  • Don't siege core, it takes way too long.. and brawling the AI at their core when respawn timers are low is like fighting windmills.

  • When lane is pushed down, take boss (or map objective) on that lane and finish core with it. Boss camps spawn at exactly 3min game time and bosses will fight for you, when you beat them.


Detailled Map Advice:

Maps with Boss

  • Blackhearts Bay: Boss lane is top. Push fort, push keep, take boss at 3min, finish!

  • Cursed Hollow: Boss lane is top and bot! Chose the one, where the boss is closer to oponent core. Push fort, push keep, take boss at 3min, finish!

  • Sky Temple: Boss lane is bot. Push fort, push keep, take boss at 3min, finish! You may take siege camps for help.

  • Tomb of the Spiderqueen: Boss lane is top. Push fort, push keep, take boss at 3min, finish!

  • Warhead Junction: Boss lane is top and bot. Usually bot is slightly better, cause you can take small camps for help. Push fort, push keep, take boss at 3min, finish!

Maps without Boss:

  • Braxis Holdout: Spread all players on both lanes until first map objective is announced and you know on which lane your zerg rush will take place. Then take both beacons and immediately start pushing that lane until your zergs arrive for help and finish. AI usually wont take beacons if you are quick. You might take small camp for help.

  • Battlefield of Eternity: Push down one lane completly (fort and keep), then take map objective in the middle and push other lane down completly with that immortal and finish. This is faster than taking camps on first lane.

  • Garden of Terror: push mid lane, take seeds, use garden terror to deactivate core and finish. Be aware that AI loves stealing seeds. (garden terror is that strong, that its often enough to just take keep-wall before you take garden terror.. he will then take keep and core)

  • Haunted Mines: like Braxis Holdout.. split to both lanes until you know which lane your golem will take and push that lane only from that moment on.. then take skulls and push with golem.. you may take sapper camps for help.

  • Infernal Shrines: Just push top lane down, take both shaman camps and finish (if you get top shrine, its even easier) .. another way is just to switch to the lane where first shrine is announced (pray that itll be the one you chosed first), but dont capture shrine until keep is pushed down. then finish with punisher.

  • Dragon Shire: push down one lane (best is bot cause you have 3 camps for help, but mid is alright too cause shortest path), then take dragon knight and finish. dont take dragon knight before keep is down, cause he will be too weak for keep and core.

  • Towers of Doom: This map is special, cause you dont have direct access to oponent core. You have to capture and hold all 6 towers for permanent damaging their core. Best way is take bot first (longest path for oponent for defend), leave one player there to defend, then go mid and top. Now hold until core is down. Dont forget to always capture the altairs in between (the AI is very quick in stealing them).



  • "Sylvanas" is a very strong hero for fast push, cause she can deactivate buildings. When you are sylvanas, lead the team and just focus towers/fort/keep while your allies take them down and you will be very fast. (Sylvanas is very strong for pushing down the lane, but does nothing against core, so dont stay there when keep is down)

  • An exception to the rule is "Sgt Hammer". When you got this hero and ideally an additional support, you may just siege down core. siege up outside core dmg range, focus core all the time and let your team mates defend you.

Hope i could help! See you in the Nexus! 🙂

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