Detailed Creature, Weapon & Thrall Data [updated 22]

Hello Exiles!

Apologize for not being able to get this out sooner, the devs have overhauled all the data which took me a lot longer to retest everything to get you as accurate results as possible. Fair warning this will me a somewhat long post but it will explain the changes and what are the best items for the current patch. I will also go into detail some of the new metas that will arise from this patch and show to the community what the devs didn’t tells us in their patch notes.



This is the best change the devs made for Conan and I believe that it for the better in the most part.

First off, the devs mention that weapons scale with levels now. I am sure many of you took this meaning the more you level up the more powerful your weapon becomes. This is incorrect. They meant the scaling of weapon classes. Stone -> Iron -> Steel are now more pronounced. This also takes into consideration flawless and exceptional weapons. There is some benefit to crafting flawless and exceptional to their original counterparts.


Armor Penetration

This is something I wish the devs had put into their patch notes for it dramatically changes the use of weapons and will be the sole category that creates the new META.

What you need to know about this is you want the greatest armor penetration as possible for maximum killing efficiency. Armor pen. Does not just affect players but will also now affects NPCs and creatures. Which is HUGE.


I have added a killing efficiency column which will best help you determine the weapon of choice

Because of armor pen, Warhammers will be the best weapon for killing potential. To give you a quick example I have the comparison below. But you can further go into this with my weapon data tab in the spreadsheet and see how big a difference Warhammers are.


  • Long sword = 90dmg, 13% armor pen (crafted at level 30)
  • Iron Warhammer = 90dmg, 54% armor pen (crafted at level 22)

I took these 2 weapons against an elephant and this was the results.

  • long sword = 13 hits (1170 max damage)
  • Iron Warhammer = 10 hits (900 max damage)


As you can see the health is not static it is affected by the armor pen of the weapon. Now I am not sure of the exact armor of creatures, this seems to be a new feature and I would like some math gurus to figure this out. I already put a lot of time collecting this information.

Because of this big difference in armor pen, and according the current stats, the Iron War hammer is the best weapon until lvl 36 when you can get the steel one and then again at 45. (you can see the details in the spreadsheet). Another point to mention is the hammers have a large hit radius AND can stun people back. I believe this will get nerfed quickly, because there is not point to have other weapons.

How would you counter hammer users? BOWS! Bows were really improved for this patch, and are very deadly with razor arrows/bolts. They have 22/25% armor pen which is very nice, so if you can keep your distance you can kill hammer wielding players.



All creatures received an HP buff as a result of the increase in weapon damage in all of the weapons. What was surprising was that they did reduce the damage of most creatures by almost half, which I think wasn't necessary for they did not raise the health THAT much.

One key difference to keep in mind is that they did reduce the attack rate of spiders from 1 per second to .8 per second, but did not change their poison damage.

XP rates were not changed, Which means spiders are still one of the greatest ways to level. However, with the damage changes and a new and improved calculation I made for XP Efficiency which takes into account the creatures dps, the UNDEAD HYENA is a great contender for being the best animal to farm XP.

Some creatures received a slight change in attack rates, which you can view in the spreadsheet.




Thralls are directly effected by weapons. I have a detailed overview with my own personal notes in the thrall tab. Because of armor pen and damage output, melee thralls with (Iron pikes, War hammers and Steel Tridents) are the best.


That was just a quick overview of the new data changes to Conan Exiles. Feel free to ask in the comments if you have questions. The spreadsheet has a lot of different ways you can view the data, If you have any suggestions please leave it here or in my survey form within the spreadsheet.



If you do not know I have also made a fuel ratio chart which you can view here link to fuel ratio chart


Happy hunting too all!

-Shadow Snatcher

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