Desync: A Major Issue & Upgraded Shrines Still Disappearing

Let me start by saying, I've been loving this game since the day of release. The atmosphere, graphics, freedom of building and crafting system are all top notch. What has only made the game experience more exciting for me is the patch iteration turnaround we've seen. Already what, 8 patches released since Tuesday? That's just awesome. The team really seems to be trying to iron out all the problems so that everyone can at least play the game before they start making wild functionality promises or trying to hype sales with over the top development roadmaps.

Now, unfortunately I have two major gripes right now which are becoming incredibly frustrating. I have had both a T2 and now a T3 Yog Shrine delete themselves after a server restart (which, on my server occur every 6 hours daily). This was supposed to be addressed and fixed in the last patch and it was not. The second and even more pressing issue is that when the patch that was meant to reduce lag was released yesterday it seems to have fixed the lag but now there is a incredible amount of desync, meaning I'm dying to invisible enemies, my status bars aren't updating or I'm unable to interact with the environment because the server cannot reconcile my position in the game with where my client is indicating I am. This means I need to reconnect to the server almost every 15 minutes, sometimes more frequently than that.

Thank you for your attention and for reading this.

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